Here are some examples of the production, mixing and mastering services offered by Axis Sounds.


Producer, Recording, Mixing and Master

From Brian: “The following excerpts are from tracks that I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered. Basically, productions where I oversaw the entire project from nut and acorn to blossom and fall; from the inception of the idea through to the mix and mastering!”

“Jungle” by Dee | Dark Electro-pop

“Say My Name” by Suspire | Busy Pop-rock, Rock

“Stung” by Brian Cunningham | Kinda-pop, Acoustic-rock

“Start” by Heist | Electro-pop, Pop

“Have Fun, Be Safe (and love me)” by Brian Cunningham | Kinda-pop, Rock, Contemporary


Mix down and master

From Brian: “The following excerpts are from instances where I received the audio stems and acted as a mix engineer; pulling the songs into shape before applying a commercial Master. Much of the work that has taken place here has been at first corrective, before creatively shaping the sound. Please support the artists!”

“What you’ve done to me” by Signe Jacobsen | Pop-rock

“Kelsies” by Aceltica | Traditional, Contemporary, Haggis-rock

“You Make My Dreams Come True”, a cover by Diego | Hall and Oates, 80s, Adult-pop

“If You Want Success” by Black Bloc | Aggressive, Psych-funk-metal, Political

“The Elephant” by Robert Hammon | Pop-punk, (good) Emo, Rock

“Daisy Daisy” by John McKay | Punk-rock, Lo-fi


Recording, Mix and Master

From Brian: “The following excerpts are from instances where I recorded the artist before mixing and mastering. In these examples, I was strictly engineering the sound and did not participate in any arrangement or musical ideas. I don’t have many examples of these as I am usually very hands-on with the artists in the studio; that’s why most people hire me. Anyway, as always, please support the artist(s)”

“Psycolombia” by Slow Mango | Psychedelic, Rock, Progressive

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