More people now than ever have access to the tools that are required to make impactful music, and with digital platforms making it easier for music-makers to reach a global audience, the market has become much more competitive and arguably over-saturated.

For this reason, it is a necessity of songwriters to take ownership over the process and take the time to hone their craft in order to stand out in the crowd.

With a comfortable boutique studio in a quiet suburb of Adelaide, you can learn how to properly use these tools to maximise your creative opportunities. Learning in a hybrid studio you can utilise those plug-ins and get the best out of your budget DAW equipment, while getting dedicated hands-on time with analogue hardware and 1-2-1 interaction with an experienced engineer.

I’m a qualified* and engaged person, so come and learn Pro Tools with me and refine those mixes. Ask those questions that YouTube videos and endless Google searches just can’t deliver. Creatively, I’ve been making and releasing music using Pro Tools for 14 years and have released several records and worked on dozens of commercially released titles from a diverse clientele.

I believe the music industry is first and foremost a people business and I love meeting new people and collaborating on musical projects.

Whatever your needs may be, get in touch and take ownership of your music-making future. Prices are $35 per hour for a two hour session.

*Academically, I have a 1st-Class Honours degree in Audio Technology with Multimedia from Glasgow Caledonian University, and a PG-Cert in Adult Teaching with 11 years of teaching experience in Further/Higher Education. After moving to Australia from Scotland, I obtained the Cert IV in Teaching and Assessing and I currently work at SAE Adelaide.