Like Monkeys and other musings

Well, as some of you know I have been continuously chipping away at my debut album, speculatively called ‘Iterum’, for some months now. Last year I released the song ‘Like Monkeys’ in the hope that having some music out there would raise expectations and motivate me. I have been recording and publishing li’l videos on […]

Amour Fou Review by WoNoBloG

Hey folks, Another wee reminder that Thomas Miller has released his debut EP “Amour Fou” available from all the usual places. We’ve had a good first review by Dutch Blogger WoNoBloG who discusses the sounds and instrumentation. Read HERE. Buy Thomas’s EP HERE.   Just a reminder that I will be supporting Thomas at his […]

Crazy Love with Thomas Miller

I am absolutely buzzin’ as my good friend, collaborator and all round good guy Thomas Miller has released his EP. I was honoured to work with him on these emotionally charged tracks and enjoyed every minute of it. Thomas is the head impresario over at 319 Records and this is his debut release available on […]

Start by HEIST

What better way to spend my week away from the rigours of the classroom than working with Glasgow synth-pop/soul upstarts Heist on their debut track “Start”. There were polo necks, opinions and phat bottom end. A productive couple of days. We look forward to seeing where you guys take the track. Brian

Dee – Love Massacre

In the fall of 2013 I was asked to collaborate with an artist on 319 Records called ‘Dee’. At first, it was my distinction to clean up the ideas, trim/cut/arrange the sections and do a mix down. The collaboration has turned into an extremely productive and efficient songwriting partnership and has been a platform for […]

On the road (again)

With our album steadily selling away and the songs getting some decent airplay we – that is Suspire – are preparing for a raunchy year of big stages, huge melodies and happy faces. The biggest smile will be planted on my freckled face as I have moved back on to my beloved guitar and handed […]

New stuff…

Well my 18 months of grand investment is now done… over… finito… for now anyway. Here’s a list of the studio goodies available at Axis Sounds. Recording medium: Macbook Pro 2013 Dell XPS800 2010 Software: Protools 11 Ableton Live 9 Native Instruments Komplete 9 + Session Horns + Replika Nexus 2.0 + XP Vintage Expansion […]