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Axis Sounds is a professional mixing and mastering service based in Adelaide, Australia.

With over 14 years experience as a songwriter and producer, Brian has worked on dozens of commercial releases for artists while working as an educator of audio engineering excellence in both Scotland and Australia, since 2010.

With hundreds of mixes under his belt, Brian provides top-end mix down services for a diverse range of artists and genres; working with young up-and-coming musicians, established artists and entertainment companies alike.

Whether you require a professional polish on your recordings, corrective mix rescue or a creative interpretation on that love-long-lost session, Axis Sounds can help you achieve commerciality with your music/multimedia.

With a focused down-sizing of our business footprint, Axis Sounds have reduced overheads and this allows us to keep our prices low while maintaining an exceptionally high standard.

Please follow the Prices link for a run down of our services. To listen to some Axis Sound mixes and masters follow the ‘Samples’ link, and please remember to check out the ‘Testimonials’ section down to the left on the Homepage.

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