Every job is different.

Every client is unique.

Click HERE and tell me what you need.



Send your audio over for professional mixing in my hybrid studio.
Typical fee: AUD$400 per track


I will drop in and engineer your session or bring the studio to you.
Engineering in studio: AUD$45 per hour
Remote Recording: AUD$50 per hour (minimum ten hour day)

+ $100 per track Producer Fee (plus points) if applicable


Send your stereo mixdown for top-end mastering for a range of platforms.
Fee: AUD$75 per track*

*Discounts for bulk jobs. Please enquire.

Total Production

Alright, so you want someone to come out to you, produce your music, record, mix and master?
Typical fee for three tracks rock/pop/blues etc:

  • AUD$1000 for two days recording (in your facility)
  • AUD$300 for producer services
  • AUD$1200 for mixing
  • AUD$225 for mastering
  • 3-5% producer points*
  • Creation of stems for remixing: FREE

Total cost: $2725

(*not always applicable. Usually arranged on a project by project basis)

Online Tuition

Looking to up-skill and kick your mixes into shape? Sick of non-interactive online lessons? Want those specific questions answered?
I offer transparent, professional 1-2-1 mixing tuition with seamless high-fidelity streaming. Send me your stems* and we can work through the mix together, or use some high-quality stems to hone in your production chops.


  • MIXING – AUD$120 per 3 hour session + free Master on your track for every 3 sessions.
  • MASTERING – $AUD120 per 2 hour session + HQ Mastered Audio File

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