Please do not hesitate to contact us at

At Axis HQ, Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Song Production/Recording: £15 per hour
  • Mix Down (Protools): £15 per hour (maximum of £90 per track)
  • Mastering: £25 per track
  • Overdubs: £15 per hour (non-drums, recording only)


Partnership with The Audio Lounge, Maryhill, Glasgow.

RECORDING is £20 per hour in our Pro Tools HD2 studio, which includes an engineer (and what an engineer). £10 per hour without engineer. Massive stock of microphones and back-line.



Are you a singer/songwriter with some basic ideas that you want to turn into radio-ready polished productions? At Axis Sounds we offer bespoke production deals for talented individuals to take their songs to the next level. In a relaxed environment you can create, collaborate and learn as you turn your ideas into professionally produced, mixed and mastered tracks.

Production Deal #1: £100 per track

Production Deal #2: 5 tracks for £450

For the advanced songwriter with recording facilities, we offer a package deal for professional high-quality mixdowns in our studio facility. See HERE on how to prepare your audio for mixdown.

Mixdown Deal: Mix your recordings – £75 per track (minimum of 3 songs)

If you have your songs recorded and mixed but need a fresh pair of ears to add that radio-ready shine to then we offer mastering deals. It makes sense to have one mastering engineer handling your entire record and we offer custom deals for bigger projects.

Mastering Deal #1: 5 tracks for £110

Mastering Deal #2: 10 tracks for £225


Session Musician(s)

On request, we can book classically/Grade 8 qualified session musicians for the recording process. This is useful for adding some real texture at the overdub stage. Axis Sounds takes no fee for this, the money goes straight to the performer. **Session musicians may be due performance royalties from PPL**

  • Drummer
  • Cellist
  • Violin/Viola/Fiddle
  • Piano
  • Keyboard/Synth


PR and royalty management

  • Basic: £30
  • We will register the songwriters and performers with the relevent collection societies. This will increase the potential to generate revenue from your product. **This payment does not include any fees for the organisations themselves**
  • Deluxe: £75
  • We will guide you through the process to make money from your gigs and synchronisation of your music. You will be registered with an international publishing company (Sentric) and shown how to distribute your songs through all the main online stores. These services are offered in conjunction with Clay Davis Records, 12PR&Media and 319 Records..

Note: where possible we endeavour to offer bespoke deals that suit the artist. If you have a query get in touch:

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