Get in touch below and let me know about your project. I aim to reply within 2 hours with a quote (see below for some working examples).

Working Example 1:

You are in a rock band and require two full days in the studio (12 hours per day and includes set up on the first day). You want to record everything live together in the one room. The studio will be booked from 8am till 8pm on both days.

Total cost: 24 hours x $50 per hour (studio plus engineer) = $1200 (inc. GST)

However, maybe you don’t need two full days in the studio so it would be best to get in touch and we can chat it out.

Working Example 2:

You are a solo singer/songwriter and want to take your song and release it as a single. You don’t have a band and so require a producer to record your song and develop the music around it (drums/synths/piano/strings etc). It’s difficult to know how long this will take and so a flat fee for the total production is easier to manage. For the recording, production, mixing and mastering a total cost of $800 – $1000 is likely. However, this could be a lot less depending on how developed the song is and how much work you require from me. So, get in touch.

Working Example 3:

You are in a band and have recorded an album’s worth of music (10 tracks). You need your music mixed down. The standard hourly mixing fee at Axis Sounds is $45 with a maximum of 6 hours charged per track. You are provided one free revision per track.

For the whole album to be mixed it will cost a maximum of:

10 tracks x 6 hours per track x $45 per hour = $2700.

However, if each song has a very similar vibe, then it may not take me that long per track and therefore it makes sense to get in touch so I can give you a more accurate picture.

Working Example 4:

You need your new single mastered before releasing it to the world. The standard mastering fee per track at Axis Sounds is $80 but this is reduced to $60 if I mixed the songs. It can also be reduced if there are a number of tracks that require mastering, and for a ten track album the total cost would be $700. Again, best to get in touch for a more accurate picture.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at or simply use the form above.

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