Please do not hesitate to contact us at

At Axis HQ, North Adelaide.

  • Mix Down (Protools): $300 per song – discounts for 3+ tracks (see below)
  • Mastering: $100 per song

All mixes and masters include two revision sessions.


–1– Production Deal: $300 per track/$450 with mix down

Are you a singer/songwriter with some basic ideas that you want to turn into radio-ready polished productions? At Axis Sounds we offer bespoke production deals for talented individuals to take their songs to the next level. In a relaxed environment you can create, collaborate and learn as you turn your ideas into professionally produced, mixed and mastered tracks.

Typical services include:

  • Recording one instrument and all vocals/backing vocals (4 hours in recording studio)
  • acoustic drum programming using Superior Drummer 3
  • integration of virtual instruments including Komplete 12
  • Mix down – full commercial mix down ready for master (additional cost)

Click HERE for examples.

–2– Mixdown Deal: Mix your recordings – $200 per song (minimum of 3 songs)

For the advanced songwriter with recording facilities, we offer a package deal for professional high-quality mix downs.

See HERE on how to prepare your audio for mix down.


Mastering Deal #1: 5 tracks for $400

Mastering Deal #2: 10 tracks for $750

If you have your songs recorded and mixed but need a fresh pair of ears to add that radio-ready shine to then we offer mastering deals. It makes sense to have one mastering engineer handling your entire record and we offer custom deals for bigger projects.

–4– If you have a particular project in mind, please get in touch for a chat at

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