Band of the Week: Kill the Waves

Kill the Waves are one of those bands that either defy a genre or define it… or both. I’m not sure. Their influences read like a list of strange eclectic bands and art that is beyond the grasp of simple pop-loving post-rockers like myself. However, if I was to attempt to define them I would say they sound like a packaged, less-speculative Sigur Ros. Interestingly enough, Sigur Ros is a band that I struggle to enjoy, mainly because of the previously mentioned “speculative” aspect.

Thankfully, this band takes their motivation from their wide-ranging and diverse influences, elegantly filtered through Tim Kwant’s vision and wonderfully represented by the ambitious and able musicians that populate this band.

They recently released 3 videos on YouTube in a series known as Kill The Waves (quietly) where their tracks were performed unplugged and accompanied by some mallets and strings. Each recording is very beautiful and patiently paints a very deliberate picture of their sound, albeit stripped back and naked.


They are one for the peasants and the pro’s alike.