Upcoming ventures

Hi folks,

Unlike my tennis playing compatriot, Axis Sounds hasn’t been in the public eye of late. However, be assured I’ve been as busy as usual working away on some sonic lovelies to wet your ear gammies! You may also have noticed I am now speaking in the first person. So, I am speaking directly to you from my own mind-muscle… it’s Brian by the way!

Here’s what is coming up in the next month or so (check out the links for more information):

  • Recordings for the new EP from 319Records artist Thomas Miller have now started. It’s haunting, sweet and melancholic and features vocals from yours truly and a special appearance from “Dee”.
  • Suspire’s album is beginning to shape up nicely with new tracks ‘Yes!’ and “On a clear day” wrapped up.
  • New single “Torment” from Glasgow muso PK. It’s a little hip-hoppy, a little reggae, and RnB and totally rocks!
  • Work on my new solo EP has started and I am happy to announce that Joe Williams of ‘Kill The Waves’ fame is co-writing/producing some of the tracks!
  • Production has started on new songs for Dee’s upcoming release. I am co-writing two of the tracks and they are sounding great!
  • A free download of one of the tracks I recorded with Emma’s Imagination is now available… HERE. Also, look out for me and Clare Kelly as we join Emma for a few of her shows on her upcoming tour.
  • Oh yes, and Suspire will be rocking the Wickerman Festival this year so if you’re going nip along to the Acoustic tent for 5.40pm on the Saturday… full band!

I’ll also be booking a few solo gigs for the end of July into August so watch this space for more info. Of course, all the information you will ever need is available via our facebook page… please like us (me) as we (I) are (am) nice and hardworking!