Below is a message from Brian, owner and operator of Axis Sounds:

“Hey! Thanks for swinging by the online home for all your audio needs. I’ve put a wee blurb here to help you understand what Axis Sounds is all about, and why it’s a great choice for trusting with your music!

The ethos: From the age of four, I wanted to be an architect. Every life decision I had made was solely fixed on that objective. However, when I was thirteen I got a bass guitar for Christmas and it all changed. From that moment, I really fell in love with the mechanics of music making and would “borrow” my friends little 4-track recorder; building harmonies and overdubbing questionable guitar patterns; throwing on reverb and distortions while letting my ear tell me what was right (or more commonly – wrong); bouncing my ideas to tape and then sitting for hours listening to what I had created. When I started taking songwriting seriously, it was clear that I needed complete creative control over the whole process. Does that sound familiar?

What I am saying is that I know what it’s like to have that drive for creative control and understand that personal satisfaction and musical correctness are more often than not completely intertwined. I understand what is required to take the seedling of an idea and develop it into a technically proficient and professionally sounding commercial product.

Over the years, I have offered both my studio and my time to songwriters who are looking to develop their own music and establish themselves as meaningful contributors to the music industry.

At Axis Sounds, the ethos is all about culture, collaboration and contribution.

It provides a platform where every musician, singer and songwriter – both amateurs and professionals – will receive professional production, recording, mixing and mastering on a realistic budget!

Who am I? My journey started back in 1999 when my first band Daedalian found some moderate success as a live band.


We released a number of EPs and built a respectable online community in the pre-social media days. However, in the early days, I found working with producers and recording engineers a frustrating process as their agenda usually conflicted with that of mine – the paying client and artistic creator. I felt I that not only could I capture a better picture of my music, but I could do it with more discipline and understanding of the process. So began my journey into music production.

While at University, I set up Ugly Child Records and worked with some of Glasgow’s great underground bands in a small makeshift recording studio in the east end of Glasgow. During this time, I put together a team of good people to promote these bands in a venue in the city-centre. As they say, times were good!


After I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University,  I began teaching Sound Production in various colleges around Glasgow and met some of the most wonderful and interesting people! Along with my industrious colleagues, I developed the academic programme at Glasgow Clyde College and believe we made a significant difference to hundreds of people from all walks of life.


My passion for music and audio is matched in adult education; which is why I love working with ambitious songwriters who want to develop their songs and truly contribute to the cultural portfolio of the world they live in!

Anyway… as the client list grew, so to did the range of services I offered as part of Axis Sounds. I started working with bigger artists and before long I had dozens of commercial releases under my belt. It was around 2012 when I joined forces with Suspire and kicked the whole thing up a notch. In 2013 we released our self-titled, self-funded, recorded/mixed/mastered by me* album and received critical acclaim – the main single “Dodos” racked up a sizeable engagement on YouTube and consistent airplay in the UK and north America, with live shows on BBC and ITV to promote the record over the next 18 months.

*with the exception of two tracks that were handled by the wonderfully talented Paul Duffin

In 2013, I kicked Axis Sounds into existence and set up a small but formidable production suite in the west end of Glasgow.


Moving forward, I started releasing my own solo records on small independent Glasgow labels and built up a respectable discography working with small unsigned bands as well as established acts and entertainment companies.

Over the years the studio grew and in the summer of 2019 I released my debut solo LP before moving operations to Australia where I started working at SAE Adelaide while I scouted for a suitable place to build the new studio.


Axis Sounds mk. II: And so the story continues…. I’ve been working hard to establish myself in the vibrant music scene in this exciting part of the world and I have invested heavily in my new studio (Axis Sounds HQ2). In October, wo of my clients released new records, andthe new Axis Sounds website was launched to celebrate the start of commercial operations.


The self-contained production suite has state-of-the-art equipment for all your mixing and mastering needs.

  • Small productions can develop and record everything in house.
  • Larger projects will have competitively priced access to professional studios in Adelaide’s CBD and Axis Sounds HQ is used for overdubs, mixing and mastering.


Plus, there’s a pool table, entertainment area with Nintendo Switch/Wii, Xbox, TV etc. and a relaxing outdoor area that offers quiet contemplation for mind-cleansing between takes.


Thanks for swinging by and please get in touch regarding your next project. I keep a very open mind when it comes to pricing and always strive to meet the budgets of everyone involved.

With love and respect – Brian”

With over 14 years experience as a songwriter and producer, Brian has delivered countless commercial releases for artists all over the world.

Axis Sounds provides high-quality mix down services for a diverse range of artists and genres; working with young up-and-coming musicians, established artists and entertainment companies alike.

Whether you require a professional polish on your recordings, corrective mix rescue or a creative interpretation on that love-long-lost session, Axis Sounds can help you achieve commerciality with your music/multimedia.

With a focused down-sizing of our business footprint, Axis Sounds have reduced overheads and this allows us to keep our prices low while maintaining an exceptionally high standard.

Please follow the Prices link for a run down of our services. To listen to some Axis Sound mixes and masters follow the ‘Samples’ link, and please remember to check out the ‘Testimonials’ section down to the left on the Homepage.

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