Like Monkeys and other musings

Well, as some of you know I have been continuously chipping away at my debut album, speculatively called ‘Iterum’, for some months now. Last year I released the song ‘Like Monkeys’ in the hope that having some music out there would raise expectations and motivate me. I have been recording and publishing li’l videos on my personal Facebook page and YouTube channel in order to satisfy that outlet and share my woes with the universe. And it has been fun. See, observe how happy I am:

Life, as is always the case, got in the way and the need to record every little idea diminished as other stresses appeared.

In 2017, several of these issues have been dealt with and every challenge has been bested! With a new burst of inspirado I have blown the dust from several of the tracks and will be focusing heavily on this big release in time for the summer.

What to expect? An eclectic mix of melancholia, dark-pop and dystopian rock. As with most of my music it will be layered, edgy and melodic. The struggle is seating such disparate sounds in one body of work without it sounding jagged and incoherent as I genuinely wish that it can be enjoyed holistically in one sitting… otherwise, what is the point of the fabled Long Play?

So, from next week on I will be re-mastering those tracks that are finished (five so far), mixing the songs that are recorded (another 3), and recording the ideas that are currently forming behind my eyes and between my ears in the darker recesses of my brain (a million or so)!

There have also been stirrings on the Suspire front as Clare and Paul Duffin awake from their baby hibernation and we are hoping to release some new music before we begin touring in the summer/fall. Our track ‘Listen’ (recorded in house at Axis Sounds HQ) has been doing great and sets the tone for the new music.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll keep an eye and an ear open for my many musical outings this year, be they in the box or in your face at a gig. In the meantime, why not give Like Monkeys a spin, share with friends and maybe check out my other EPs on Spotify, Bandcamp or whichever streaming service takes your fancy.





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