On the road (again)

With our album steadily selling away and the songs getting some decent airplay we – that is Suspire – are preparing for a raunchy year of big stages, huge melodies and happy faces. The biggest smile will be planted on my freckled face as I have moved back on to my beloved guitar and handed the bottom-ended reigns over to someone more capable. That someone is a very handsome chap who goes by the name Chris ‘Yaco’ Yacomine.

As we move forward this year expect the following:

  • synth poppery
  • stringed wonderfulness
  • burning brass
  • 4 part harmonies
  • chicken groovy

The anti-pay to play gig in Walkabout is going to be the sounding board to our new (and settled) sound. It’s on the 6th of March and we hope to see y’all there!

– B x


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