Suspire Remix Competition: Winner Announced

Well, it’s a little later than previously advertised (let’s blame the Festive schedule for this) but a winner has been drawn from all the submissions sent in for the remix of Suspire single Moonshine. There was dubstep, disco, dance and deep-down dastardly dark stuff going on. It’s interesting to hear other peoples creative take on a track I was so heavily involved in.

The winner is a remix by up-and-coming Glasgow producer/remix-engineer Zaiphon (previously known as PKzPhatFusion). The track has taken on a pacey, funk-electronica vibe with a great reimagining of the structure and what each part means. It is an extremely enjoyable repackaging and I am sure the Suspire massif will all enjoy it. Interestingly,  I have followed this geezer on SoundCloud for a while and I can tell you his songs always deliver!

More info on Zaiphons work is available here. To listen to the remix you will have to wait for the single release on all digital stores later on this month.

Thanks once more for the effort and time taken by everyone who submitted a track.

– Brian

Suspire’s Website


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